Events and happenings

There is a lot going on in Davos

The Destination Davos Klosters has been known for decades for famous sports events. What would the beginning of the winter season be without Davos Nordic? What would the last week of the year be without the Spengler Cup? A summer without the Davos X-Days? Although many smaller events in countless sports have fewer spectators, they are even more important for the next generation and the sporting life.

In January, the economic, scientific and of course the political elite meet in Davos at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.

Art and culture, too, are very important all around Davos Wiesen! Just a few keywords: Songbird Festival, (Singer Songwriter) Davos Festival (with the Young Artists in Concert),  Jazz Davos Klosters (the New Orleans Jazzfestival of the Alps)

Best research all events happening during your vacation period on the event calendar, so you can start planning and looking forward today.

Eisstadion Davos Hockey Halle (c) Marcel Giger
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